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Đại học Khoa học Ứng dụng JAMK (JAMK)
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JAMKJAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) is an internationally oriented higher education institutioo with a strong role among the developers of the Central Finland. The number of students is 8 000. JAMK offers first- and second-cycle degree education, open studies, continuing education, and vocational teacher education. Six of the degree programs are conducted in English. The orientation of JAMK's education and the contents of the various curricula are based on the needs of working life. JAMK has partners in more than 40 countries around the globe.

The Teacher Education College of JAMK (JAMK-TEC) has provided vocational teacher education of 60 ECTS for 45 years. The number of students tarring vocational reacher education in 2010 is 350. Eve.r:y year over 100 professional deepen th.eir professional competences in the student counsellor and special needs teacher educatioo pcogt:ams. In addi.tion, JAMK-TEC has offered the vocational teacher education program in English since 1994. In 2008, the total number of students at the College was 935, of which 57% were female students. All of the more than 50 JAMK-TEC teacher educators have a pedagogical qualification and long teaching experience, and 23 of current employees have a scientific postgraduate degree. In the future, JAMK-TEC will focus on the challenges of online learning, workplace cooperation, the internationalization of education, and multiculturalism.

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